Would You Like To Know How To Make Extra Money From Home Fast?

Would You Like To Know How To Make Extra Money From Home Fast?

I have always struggled to find ways to make extra money from home. I tried almost everything I came across on the internet but it just didn’t work out and I was really sick and tired of trying and was about to quit. That’s when I stumbled across a solution…

Quick Tip:

If you want to know how to make extra money from home then you need to pick a product you believe in and purchase it. Sound easy? It is trust me. Use that product and then create a website/ blog telling or showing people exactly how you used it to solve that very problem you once had and at the beginning and the end of the text, have a visible link (product link) and so people can go purchase it through your link if they’re interested (and you get paid).

While this may seem like a lot of work; it’s actually quite easy and simple to do, and it’s all thanks to these free platforms called WordPress and ClickBank (Gifts from the Gods?!). First you need to sign up to a website called ClickBank (I’m sure you’ve heard about it) then navigate to a tab written “marketplace”, then choose a product to promote and make sure that the product you choose meet these 3 criteria;

1. An attractive sales page (product page). I recommend you visit the sales page and research more about the product since you’re going to spend your hard earned cash to purchase it. Go to Google and type the product name with the text “review” next to it. i.e. xyz “review”.

2. The product must be on demand. But how can you tell?

– Look for the green text below the product written “grav” and make sure it’s greater than 50. The higher this number the better (yet this also means more competition- but don’t be scared because you can own a share of that competition.

3. Must have recurring commissions and back-end sales.

– This means you get paid over and over (every month) for just ONE SALE you made and you also get a percentage of the product up-sells sold in the backdoor after the customer purchases the product, Isn’t that just awesome?! Check green text written “Avg %/rebill” below the product.

But what happens if you don’t make extra money at all? Because there’s more to building websites that make consistent extra money than just talking /showing about how the product works. There is a video version of this Article, Please Visit The Link In The Resource Box!