What Will Happen to the EU? How Will It Affect People Buying Abroad?

This is another critical time for the EU with Greece’s financial troubles. Will Greece be allowed to stay in the EU or will they pull out? How will this affect other European countries? Will this affect our plans to buy in Spain? Will this encourage other companies to pull out too?

My daughter already owns a house in Spain which currently they visit several times a year spending all their holiday allowances in Spain, until they are in a position to move there permanently.

We have taken a slightly different approach, planning a dual lifestyle six months in England and six months in Spain. This plan has been hatching for a number of years as I hate cold winters and also the excess heat of Spanish summertime.

So last October we were house hunting in Spain and found a near perfect house a short walk from the beach on the outskirts of a town reasonably close to two airports. San Javier is in fact only about five miles from the house. There are also a number of beaches and towns within a few miles. Perhaps Mohon is my favourite beach, but we soon will have plenty of time to explore the area.

During our holidays along the Costa Calida we have visited many areas in our search for the perfect location. With the deposit paid and everything appearing to go to plan, we can’t help wondering if the EU crisis will create problems for people buying in Europe..

I have been working at home for a while now in readiness for our relocation and dual lifestyle. Affiliate marketing has come to the rescue as I will be able to work anywhere with a laptop and internet connection. Affiliate Marketing is just one of many ways to work online, and probably the simplest to set up.

I think it is the flexibility of working online that is causing so much interest at the moment with literally millions of people typing into Google daily, keywords such as “I want to work at home”. If you want to see the volume of inquiries type in some keywords and see the results.

I scanned some book-stores to see what “work at home” books are available, there are dozens here are a few ideas:

“Passive Income” by Griffin Pearce

“All you need to know about blogging” by Thomas and Jane Hudson

“Network Marketing for Social Media” by R Brent

“How to Start a business from Home” by Kevin C Hill

“Affiliate Marketing for beginners” by Jason Goldberg

.You can also search YouTube and forums for ideas, wherever your future takes you Enjoy!