What Makes A Good Global Online Business?

What makes a good global online business? There are 10 basic questions that will make a good checklist.

1. Is the business ethical? You want a business that will only benefit people and not hurt anyone. It is all about doing the right things. Your integrity is your most precious asset and you must protect it at all times! You want to do your due diligence and ensure that the company has good management and a good track record.

2. Do the products or services offer great value? People all over the world are basically the same, they are looking for great value. You’ve heard it many times before, it is the value and not the price.

3. Does the business have timing? Is it offering something that is riding a major growing trend, for example, if it is a product that serves the hungry market of the expanding information industry, it will be considered a great product. It is very important to identify not only great demand but one that will grow tremendously in the future!

4. Is the start up cost affordable? When you want to reach the masses, you must make the entry level easy so you can get as many people as possible to do the business. If the start up cost is very low then it is very easy to get people to get started on it!

5. Is the monthly operating cost affordable? Most businesses will take one to two years to break even, if the monthly operating cost is very high, it will cause high attrition rate because when people cannot afford the monthly operating cost in the first three to six months, they will stop doing the business. A low monthly operating cost will help in the sustainability of your business.

6. Is the break-even time very short? If you can show a person how to break even in their first month or first three months, then you have a very attractive business because people want to see positive results as soon as possible!

The break-even time is link to the monthly operating cost, if your monthly operating cost is very low then the attrition rate will be lower because those participating in the business can afford to continue even though they are not getting good results in their first three to six months, this will give you a higher tolerance of the break-even time.

7. Is the system proven, tested and duplicatable? You don’t want to reinvent the wheel, you want to leverage on a proven and tested system that is duplicatable and will ensure your success! The solution lies in the system, people are looking for a system that makes it easy for them to do and duplicate their efforts.

8. Will you have user-friendly offline and online support to help you build your business? Besides online user-friendly website support, do you have business tools such as DVDs, name cards and prospectus to help you build your business?

9. Can you do the business in any part of the world where there is access to the Internet? You want a portable global online business where there is very little restriction and you can do the business as you travel round the world!

10. Is the process of accepting payment and paying out commission secure, simple and effective? You want a business that is simple to do and accepting payment and paying out commission should be secure, simple and effective! Where money is concerned it is a very sensitive issue and you want to make it very easy for people to pay and also for those in the business to collect their commission!

Go through this checklist and most important of all do some soul searching and ask further these very important questions: Do you believe it is a great business opportunity that you will want to share with your loved ones, relatives and friends? Do you think this business has integrity and offers great value, great quality, great service and great relationship? Do you think you can make life better with this business opportunity and help people create a good residual income? Are you excited about the business and just can’t wait to share it with as many people as possible? Do you think you will love doing this business?

Clarity is power. When you are very clear that you have a great business opportunity and you believe it wholeheartedly and it has passed the above checklist, and you are willing to do whatever it takes ethically to achieve your dreams, your success is guaranteed!

Copyright (c) 2007 Bruce Seah