What Do You Need To Train On To Succeed With Your Online Business (Is Not What You’re Thinking!)

Your training should NOT be a walk in the park! It’s, in fact, the MOST important element for you to succeed with your online business.


I like the way Tom Peters puts it:

“No walk in the park: (YOU inc.) demands a rich, diverse portfolio of skills….. Learn from…anyone. Anywhere. Any time. BECOME a SPONGE…. for Cool Stuff.”

The following list of business skills, in my opinion, are the most crucial ones to take you to the next level while building your own enterprise.

Personal Development Skills You need to clean and sharp yourself from the inside out. That is, you need to start your training on your inner you.

YES you want to be jobless, YES you want to mind your own business, YES you want to make lots of money and YES you want to be the next success story. And you can accomplish all that, no doubt, many others have done so, me included, so why shouldn’t you?

My question: are you ready for the intensive work, long hours, new skills, trial and error, failures and frustrations that may come in the way of your self-employment journey?

This is the very first brick you need to lay down in order to build a strong foundation for your business. The last thing you need is a weak foundation. If you do everything right at this level, believe me you will succeed, no matter WHAT.

Marketing Skills Next, you need to learn about marketing. Remember I’m telling you the set of skills you need to learn to succeed at your own enterprise.

So marketing is the next important skill you need to dominate.

In the online world there is one skill that’s KING.

You’ve might already been introduced to it: knowing how to generate your own leads. In plain English: learning to get people to visit your web pages. PAID or F-R-E-E. But your OWN leads.

If you don’t know how to generate your own leads, you can’t say you have a real business.

Leads are the blood of any business, and without an ever increasing flow of this blood your business will go NO WHERE and is doomed to DIE. PERIOD.

Leadership Skills You also need to be trained on leadership. Thanks God this skill is trainable or we wouldn’t have good leaders to follow. Yes in my opinion the best leaders have learn to be the best. They weren’t born experts at leadership; they learn and keep learning as they go.

And you can do the same. You can learn to become the best of leaders and the best way to learn to become an outstanding leader is to surround yourself with leaders.

So what is the first thing you need to become a leader?

Surprisingly you only need 1 person behind you. That is and that’s all, as long as you have at least 1 person willing or wanting to follow you, you’re a leader. And that person might already be right there (it can be your son, your daughter, your spouse, your partner, your friend or your first team member). This person is only waiting for you to take the first step and guide him or her.

So don’t take this lightly and choose the best team to partner with because your personal development and growth depends greatly on this decision.

Once more in the very words of my old friend Tom Peters:


“All Revolutionaries need respectable cover and the wisdom of trusted elders.”

“So, contact, cultivate, nurture like-minded souls who are higher up the food chain than you are. They will require care and feeding, but it’s worth the effort.”

Money Skills Lastly but not least, you need to train yourself on finances and money matters. You need to keep your bookkeeping clear and light as a transparent plastic.

In today’s world, and the way things keep going, education on finances is what we all need the most.

Did you know?

* Studies show that individual debt is growing 23 times faster than the economy.
* The average person is spending $1.05 for every dollar they earn.
* Credit card debt totals more than $750 Billion.
* More people will file for bankruptcy than graduate from college this year.
* The U.S. Department of labor shows the average annual family income at just $37,000.

And all these statistics taken from WMI are for the US only. How do you think the statistics might be for other countries in North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, etc..

The picture is not pretty, so it is urgent and imperative you start to educate yourself on money matters and how to make and keep more of it.

In conclusion, I hope you are more conscious about your need to keep growing as a person, especially if you’re in the search of becoming self-employed.