Ten Great Ways To Make Money From Home

If you want to make money from home, whether for your full-time work or just to make a little extra money, the options are seemingly endless these days. Thanks to the Internet, working from home is a realistic goal for just about anybody. Following are ten ways that many people already make money without having to leave their house.

1. Selling stuff online. If you enjoy shopping at garage sales, you might buy items that are in good condition and sell them at a higher price on craigslist.org.

Or, you might study the methods of the Power Sellers on eBay and start your own eBay store.

2. Coach. Do you know a lot about wellness, or some aspect of it such as weight loss? How about parenting? Are you good at helping people over obstacles? Consider becoming some kind of coach, such as a health coach, fitness coach, or marriage coach.

3. Tutor. Are you the neighborhood Grammar Queen? Are you fluent in one of the foreign languages taught at your local high school? Do you happen to be a math whiz? Consider advertising as a tutor for middle and/or high school students.

4. Freelance. If you’ve got an artistic eye and get familiar with Photoshop, you might offer to create book covers for e-book authors. If you’re a writer, you could make several thousand dollars a month just by getting a few magazine articles published.

5. Design. Go to websites such as cafepress and create designs or write snappy, memorable logos that can go on T-shirts, mugs, and magnets. Then put them up for sale.

6. Affiliate marketing. Set up a blog on a paid hosting server and begin writing about a subject that is near and dear to your heart. As you do, find companies or websites who sell products related to your niche and that also have an affiliate program. Pick a few products to promote on your blog, and when someone clicks through your affiliate link and decides to buy, you make a small commission.

7. Customer service representative. This can be a difficult job, since people usually call customer service when they have a problem. But if you can keep your skin thick enough, many companies hire CSRs to work from home which makes life a lot easier if you have to be at home to care for a loved one.

8. Direct sales. Whether you want to throw parties to share products, or build a blog where surfers come to find out about them, a career in direct sales, especially network marketing, has a lot more income potential than any of the other ideas mentioned so far.

9. Do online marketing for local offline businesses. If you are familiar with how to market using Facebook and other social media sites, if you know how to use Search Engine Optimization to get more traffic to a website, talk to a few small businesses in your community and see if any will hire you to do their online marketing.

10. Flip websites. Many people make a full time income simply by purchasing domain names, spending a few weeks building a website around it, and then selling it at a website such as flippa.com for several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars.

If you want to make money from home, the possibilities seem almost endless.