Making Money From Home – Eventually

Making Money From Home - Eventually

Many years ago, when I was struggling, once again, with a severe reduction in available income, to support the life I wanted to become accustomed to, I looked for ways to boost that flagging resource.

This was at a time when the internet had become an incredibly important part of our daily lives, so, my starting point was a Google search for ‘Making Money From Home’

The results were staggering, I forget how many million there were that day, but today when I checked before writing this article, it was 480,000,000 in 0.24 seconds… Wow!

Who can’t make a little extra cash from that many resources?

In the intervening years I have lost count of how many programs I have bought into, how many methods I have tried and how many ‘Guru’s’ I have listened to, all with just a modicum of ‘success’, but hey, it’s kept me off the streets.

Older and hopefully wiser now, I think I am able to consider all these ‘choices’ in a little more depth and somehow discard the ‘would be if they could be’s’ without spending too much time or finance exploring them.

Unfortunately it is only with some level of experience that this ‘sorting of the opportunities’ can be undertaken in a way that doesn’t employ too much personal emotion.

So, if you are just starting out on this ‘additional income’ path, you need to tread slowly, think long and look at the opportunities that are within your scope of expertise and not too far off the track you know.

My own journey was down the information track, selling the ‘how to’ of various ways to do business like Marketing, Budgeting, Organisation, Logistics and Strategy, all were just an extension of what I had done for 30 years, so I thought I knew a little about it all.

After a few successful years I was able to say I had set out what I wanted to achieve, a comfortable way of life and mortgage free but, with still a very active mind, I keep looking for new opportunities and I have now found the world of self publishing.

A lifetime interest in literature of most kinds, but mainly the wonderful world of crime fiction, attracted me to write a book of my own. My life work experience told me I should keep doing what I was good at and write a book to help others.

That is my advice to everyone looking to do something with the spare time in their life, Do What You Are Good At and What You Know Something About. It will save you heaps of time in the long run and bring you success much quicker.

If you see an opportunity on the Internet, not quite up your street of knowledge, but you like the theory of it, have a look how you could Adapt it for your own use, this adaptation is the thing that makes it unique to you and could attract even more interest.

It isn’t easy folks, you have to be persistent and consistent, and if you are, the rewards will be there for your efforts… eventually.