I Want to Work at Home on My Computer

Yesterday I typed in these words “I want to work at home on my computer” and was amazed to find 375,000,000 had typed in that phrase! I wondered were they mostly would-be stay at home Mum’s, retirees wanting to subsidise their pensions, post graduates who couldn’t find jobs, students eking out meagre funds, or business men tired of the rat-race. Certainly there are a lot of people looking to change their lifestyle.

My revelation was after talking to my son in Australia who has been living there happily with his wife and family for several decades. He loves it there and is unlikely to return to England except for a brief holiday. He has a great job and is doing extremely well, and has what seems to me to be a great lifestyle. A large house he has built with all the trappings, a car and boat a camper-van, and great family, but he is feeling burnt out and looking for a change in career. This is what started the conversation.

There are so many choices when considering working at home on your computer, and with the younger generations in particular, so used to technology it seems to be an automatic choice for many looking for an alternative to commuting.

I favour affiliate marketing for its simplicity and also the possibilities for expansion at a later date. It is possible to expand your fledgling business to whatever size you require, according to the time and effort you are prepared to commit, once you understand the principles and have it running smoothly.

The best time to start a project like this is when you are still in paid employment, so that you have plenty of time to plan, not when you explode with frustration and walk out of your job, or when you are made redundant. Aim to start small in your spare-time, until your hobby business surpasses your current earnings and consider how you would enjoy working alone. Give yourself time to see whether it’s the way forward for you before you say goodbye to your boss!

Would this lifestyle suit you? Do you have enough drive and determination to work alone, some people love the freedom and relish the peace and quiet, whilst others crave company. What is your mindset?

Do you need to build your confidence and believe in your-self before you commit to starting a new venture – You might like to read some confidence building books first:

“Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins should make you feel you are confident enough to do anything. A hefty volume but well worth reading!

Another I can recommend “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy, my copy is now battered and yellowed but still readable, it is still in print.

If you are worried about all the techniques you will need to learn there are many books available and courses on-line, some are free, plus training videos on YouTube.

If you are concerned about learning traffic techniques, here are some books I have found helpful: “99 ways to flood your website with traffic” by Mick Macro. Some tips will suit you initially others you may want to use later.

Facebook is also an excellent way to harness traffic both paid and free traffic. There are many books on using social Media.

If you want to learn the basics of SEO take a look at SEO Step-by-Step, the author will even answer questions if you email him, a great little book showing simple things you can do to improve your rankings.

Well it is inexpensive to start a hobby business with affiliate marketing and fit it into your spare-time; see how you enjoy learning the new skills necessary, the excitement of a new challenge and if it is to be your new lifestyle. Most of us would enjoy some extra cash meanwhile. So wishing you success in the future whatever your decision.