How to Pay Safely Online

Buying or selling things online have been embraced by many Internet users. Some are still bothered by the security of this activity thus they are afraid of trying it. Shopping online can give great convenience in terms of saving time, effort and sometimes even money because of the great deals offered. Transacting online can be safe when you take the proper measures. For sure no one wants their hard earned money to go to waste or to some scammer’s hands. We may not be able to stop fraud and deception but using these tips we can help eliminate the instances that we or the people around us to be victim of these scams.

1. Use a browser that can protect you. It must be secure, uses software for encryption of your important information that will be sent over the Internet. Choose the browser’s latest version because it has the updated encryption capability

2. When you opt to download free browsers online, you should remember to check the following when sending your purchase details because these ensures security:

* “Lock” icon
* “https” for the web address

3. Before any transaction, double check the site’s privacy policy. Specifically look on how they manage the information that they get from the members as well as the security that they assure. Reading “About”, “Disclosures” or “FAQs” sections will be helpful as well.

4. Do not disclose your private information such as address, phone number, Social Security number, bank account number or e-mail address freely.

5. Never disclose your password to anyone unless its an order form. Do not click or download anything from someone you don’t know for it might open up hacking opportunities for your account.

6. Document your online transaction along with the contact details like email address of whom you’re doing business. Keep or even print a copy of your email exchange for your reference.

7. After a transaction, check your credit card history if the correct amount was placed in your transaction. Inform your credit or debit card company immediately if your credit or debit card or checkbook is lost or stolen, or if you suspect someone is using your accounts without your permission.

After reading these tips, you can take action to recognize and avoid fraud online. Be safe, vigilant and report suspectible incidents.