How Dedicated to Your Work or Business Are You?

I have just heard of a horrific tale in the papers today, a 92 year-old charity worker who had spent much of her life selling poppies and was the longest-serving poppy seller, was found dead after being besieged by other charities for donations despite supporting what she could from her pension. The poor lady, our hearts go out to her and her misery. How dedicated was she.

Also I have just heard on the news of a dedicated fire-fighter Roger Smith who retires on Monday now in his seventies, he obviously was dedicated to his job and loved it.

Of course we often think of history’s great names: the Inventors, like Thomas Edison, Henry ford and others the medical greats like Pastor, Florence nightingale, Marie Curie, James Lister, Famous musicians and so many more all gave their lives and dedication to their cause. When you are committed to your work and love what you do, it takes over and doesn’t feel like hard work.

If you hate your job or find it lacks satisfaction, don’t waste your life waiting for the clock to tick and home-time to arrive or the weeks to pass until your next vocation. Take control of your life and decide what you would really like to do, what would make you really happy, and love your work. You may not be able to change careers immediately but you could plan for your future. Perhaps take courses or exams to head you in the right direction. Maybe you could do an Open University course or night school class.

I was unaware of the dissatisfaction of the working population and have just Googled a few phrases, here are the results today:

I’m not satisfied with my job- 80,800,000

I’m not happy with my job- 701,000,000

I would like to change my career- 223,000,000

I want to work at home what can I do- 2,040,000,000

I want to work at home- 2,210,000,000

I want to work at home on my computer- 333,000,000

So why are so many people wasting their lives hating their jobs sufficiently to be Googling alternative ways to spend their future? Is this why so many are stressed and sick and our health service is so stretched.

So if you are feeling like this, please do something about it – take steps to improve your future, ultimately your health and your satisfaction. You only have one shot at living your life don’t waste it.

So if you are interested in starting a hobby business to improve you future, affiliate marketing could be the answer it is one of the simplest forms of working online with only a laptop and an internet connection needed, although a good mentor will help you achieve your dreams faster. There is a great deal of information in books and on the internet that will help you investigate working online and other business, so if what you are currently engaged in isn’t truly satisfying do consider the alternatives.

There is a book I have found that suggests how you can make the most of your current work, view it in a different way, if now isn’t the time to look for alternative employment. I found it quite fascinating and it does give you a new perspective.

Take a look at “Thank God it’s Monday” strategies for increasing job satisfaction by Charles Cameron and Susanne Elusorr.

I would like to wish you a happy and exciting future.