Home Business Savvy – Getting Your Family and Friends to Believe in You

Starting a Home Business is Easy and Stress-Free. Right?

Starting a home business can feel like a monumental task. There are so many steps involved, it feels overwhelming and daunting. You must think of a name, get the legalities straight, set up a website, get a domain and hosting, and configure the website.

If you don’t yet have products, you have two options: to procure them, or to create them.

Procuring involves tracking down a supplier, setting up a merchant account, purchasing the products, finding a place to warehouse them and finally receiving them.

Creating them requires you to decide on the product, research it and finally produce them.

Once you have your products, you need to put them on your website and prepare them for delivery.

You need to advertise as well, or you can’t sell your product.

There are so many moving parts, intricately woven together and you need to pull it all together to make it work.

You think this is stressful? You betcha! If you don’t have family and friends backing you, that adds even more stress.

Going against the norm, or “herd mentailty”, and striking out to start your own home based business is likely to get some pushback from people closest to you. Everyone seems to have advice for you-advice you neither requested, nor want.

“You know, you can never make enough money working at home in order to quit your job” or “support your family”.

“Internet Marketing is full of deceitful people that want to scam you out of your money.”

“It’s a pyramid scheme! No one ever wins at that except the guy that started it!”

Not only that, once you get them used to the fact you are going to do it anyway, against their sound advice, you’re also probably going to get other comments.

“Since you’re home anyway, could you… ?” Just insert a time wasting chore here.

“You don’t understand how hard it is because you don’t work.”

You get the picture. No one has any respect for you or your desire to start your own home business. Even though you know you can do it. But all those negative comments just wear you down.

What Can You Do About It?

The first thing to realize is that the concept of starting a home based business is misconstrued as finding an excuse to look busy while you are really secretly lazy and don’t want to work. People don’t realize how much work is actually involved, just in the setup. But when you’ve moved passed that stage, you have a lot of work just to keep the business running and bringing in enough money to pay the business expense and give you enough money to pay your own bills.

Also, people are jealous. Many people dream of sitting on a beach in their swim wear, sunglasses on, sipping a nice cold drink while fiddling on their laptop all day. Again, there is a misconception of home businesses, but they secretly wish they had the courage to do it too.

One way to combat this is to offer your assistance in helping them start their own business. Or if they have skills that might be useful to you in your business, offer to allow them to help you. This will give them a true inside look at all the work involved in running a business.

Another necessary step is to be firm when people ask you to run errands for them. You might think that is being rude, or maybe you can’t say no? Just remember that there is no one else who will be running your business while you are doing errands for someone else. Your business is nothing without you.

You can also set aside some time for social interactions. Sometimes, family people close to you feel neglected. Schedule some time and be sure you spend quality time with those who are important to you.

When you start making money and really prove you can do it, you’ll see people start changing their tunes. You’ll hear more “I knew you could do it” comments from the same one that told you that you’d fail. But that’s OK. You made it.


Starting a home business is hard and fraught with challenges. But with those challenges comes reward. For others to appreciate your business, you must prove to them your ideas work. You also need to be patient with them and do not give up. Not even when it seems like no one believes in you. But I believe in you. I truly do.

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