Go Out to Work Until You’re 70+ No Thanks

Go Out to Work Until You're 70+ No Thanks

Go out to work until you’re 70 is that what you are planning? Is it what you want? Is that how you want to spend your later years? From your work to your box, that sounds a lot of laugh’s, just what you have worked all your life for! Is that justice having worked almost every week since your teens?

What can you do about it? Well you could start a hobby-business, something that doesn’t take too much of your time, something interesting involving a hobby or current interest. Something that over time will grow into a fully fledged business, you could run it in your spare-time alongside your current job.

It would also give you security against redundancy in the coming years. With the changing face of industry you never know how safe your job or profession is. If you have something already set up and growing it could be a godsend.

There are a number of online businesses to choose from, depending upon your preferences. All are run from simple websites that once set up, don’t require much effort. You can drive paid traffic to your website, or use free traffic which is slower to grow your business, but happens by viral nature. It’s like old style word of mouth advertising.

All you have to do is decide on the niche or topic that you are passionate about, or have an interest in that you would like to develop. Choose the type of business that suits you, and learn some new skills to set up your business. A mentor will save you time and stress, and a community such as a Facebook group or membership site, will give you support from like-minded people. Affiliate marketing is a very popular and simple way to start online

The affiliate formula has been working successfully for years and because it is simple and inexpensive to set-up, has always appealed to beginners; although there are many other ways to start an online business. Don’t reinvent the wheel, work step by step through the system you select. If you choose your hobby carefully, you will love seeing your new business grow and the time spent developing it, so much so that you will be telling your friends and colleagues all about it.

So all it needs is some regular time and effort set aside initially, until it is set up and running smoothly, then you can pretty much let it grow just spending a few hours a day keeping it all in order.

That beats going out to work until you’re 70+ doesn’t it?

So if you want to know how you can turn your hobby into a business consider affiliate marketing it is one of the simplest online businesses.

If this all feels a bit new to you, you might like to do some reading: if you would like a confidence boost you might like to read “Awaken the Giant within”a best seller by Anthony Robbins.

Or there are a variety of books available on affiliate marketing,

“SEO Step by Step”by Caimin Jones is a great little book on simple techniques to get your website ranked in Google.

There are also many books available on driving traffic to your website, a helpful book that covers various media sources, “500 social Media Marketing Tips” by Andrew Macarthy. I hope all this has started you thinking and planning for your future, and brings you a comfortable and interesting retirement!