From Cable Guy To Internet Superstar?

From Cable Guy To Internet Superstar?There are probably a gazillion different ways to generate leads and drive traffic on the internet. This is what I consider to be the biggest problem relating to internet marketing. Let’s face it, most of us get a different strategy in our in-box daily, and the offers are pretty good, and they talk about what you want. Learning this stuff is an integral part of marketing. However if we spend all our time learning different strategies we simply just sit and spin our wheels.

Look, it’s easy to get caught up with too many things to do, especially on the internet. Cable guy Larry understood this. Here’s an ordinary guy, working full time. He knew he couldn’t figure it all out. So he focused his energy on one simple strategy. He studies and learns this one strategy and it’s something that not a lot of people are doing. He knows that he wants out of his job, so he commits himself and works at it every chance he gets. What is the strategy that Larry chooses?

Linkedin. Social networking with a twist. Now you may not think you can get a lot of leads out of social networking, but Larry figure’s out his very own system. Unique from anyone else. He goes for it. Day after day he uses his strategy. Now Larry is smart. He knows he needs some kind of system attached to his marketing strategy so he joins My Lead System Pro and integrates his marketing efforts into this sales funnel.

Finally, Larry starts seeing some results. First one lead a day, He increases his efforts and after a little time and consistent action, he gets massive results. He is generating 40 to 45 leads a day and he is making money. Not only does he make money from his primary income source, he makes money from affiliate products attached to his MLSP sales funnel. I’m not just talking a few bucks here and there, he makes enough to buy his wife a new washer and dryer, quit his job, sit at home with his family. Now that’s a success story.

Now Larry moves on to other marketing strategies, but if you will notice, he waited until he became proficient at the one to do so. Being proficient means that the marketing strategy begins paying for itself.

I think we could all learn something from Larry the cable guy. You can see exactly how he used this Linkedin strategy to knock he ball out of the park. If you will read the resource box and follow the links it will take you to a recorded webinar audio we did with Larry the cable guy where he reveals his strategy to you. The best part is that this costs you nothing to get access to. Thanks for reading this article, for those of you who would like to learn more about Larry the cable guys Linkedin strategy, read the resource box, and follow the links now.