Are You a Stay at Home Mom? Tips for Home Based Business Ideas for the SAHM and WAHM

A new Option is to Stay at home with your Baby AND work!

Although many new mothers go back to work after a short maternity leave, some moms have opted to be a stay at home mom (SAHM) or a work at home mom (WAHM). This allows moms to stay at home with their new babies and create a career out of their new interests and needs. The thought of leaving a precious 6 week old in the hands of a day care center is enough to bring tears to the eyes of any mom. The physical and emotional pain of trying to carve out time at work to pump in a “designated” location often leads moms to stop nursing all together. Missing milestones like the “baby’s first smile”, tummy rolling, crawling, and especially the “baby’s first steps” and words, has encouraged moms to find alternative means of making money while still staying at home.

So what can moms do to make money at home?

Consignment, freelance writing, blogging, house cleaning, music lessons, and day care are all ideas that many moms have used to create additional income for their families, but the real money is in networking. Work at home moms (WAHMS) have been able to achieve 6 figure incomes in a relatively short amount of time by network marketing.

The benefits of network marketing include:

    Not missing any milestonesNo day care costsNursing while workingWork anywhere- networking happens wherever you go!Flexibility in scheduleBe your own bossHave a social lifeGetting paid for sharing a passionTax benefitsResidual income

A Social Life and Working at the Same Time:

Does this describe you? Now that you have a baby, your social life has taken a turn in a different direction. Your era of late-night dinners, movies, and occasional fun adult parties has morphed into “story hour” at the library, music classes, “mommy groups”, and themed baby birthday parties. Although different, these new social activities bring you more joy than you could have imagined. You have also found life-long friendships with other moms that are in the same position as you. Your social life now revolves around nap times, feeding times, and activities that your little one will tolerate. The problem is, these social activities all occur during the day, when most people are working at the office. Going back to a full-time job takes you away from these social activities that you enjoy with your baby and your new support system of “mommy friends”.

Envision this: Why not continue your new social activities and work at the same time? Going to social events while being a work at home mom in network marketing is actually an ideal money-making strategy. The idea of network marketing is to create a network of friends and team-mates with which you can share ideas and products. As your network grows, so does your income. Coincidentally, the more you mingle at the library and park, the more you can grow your network. You and your baby can go to any groups and outings you want; it will not take you away from your work- it will help you build your business! Your new like-minded mommy friends will easily want to become part of your networking team because they already share similar products and philosophies. Therefore, you can simultaneously spend quality time with your baby during the day and get paid!

Attention All Moms!

Do not leave your infant with a stranger at daycare as you go to an office and work all day, trying to find a closet to “pump” in.

Do not come to the realization that you missed your baby’s “first step” as you pick her up from daycare and read her daily report.

Do not miss out on all the bonding experiences you could have while nursing and rocking your son or daughter at nap time.

Do not give up your new support system of “mommy friends” from the library, music group, or mommy group.

Do stay home and be the mom you want to be for your child. Find out more about being a stay at home mom and which network marketing company to choose by reading this FREE report.