A Day Is Only 24 Hours Long: Discover Your Dream

If you are having a bad day you should remember there are only 24 hours in a day, and it won’t go on for ever!

This thought was passed on to me at the weekend when I was at a Super-market check-out. I was bemoaning the fact my day was turning into a rubbish day by my late decision to have chicken slices and salad for supper.

As I had grabbed my bag to jump in the car I found I had been inadvertently blocked in by a neighbour. My daughter’s car was in front of mine but she was away for the weekend, with her key! Oh dear!

As I couldn’t make the neighbour hear, I got help from another who watched me shunt my car out of a very awkward gap, and I left for my quest, thinking I would get some more plant too.

Well the plants were sold out, the chicken was also sold out, it was pretty much a fruitless journey. I was bemoaning my fate at the checkout, half-irritated half-laughing when the assistant said: “A bad day only has 24 hours, before it ends”!

Which had me thinking the same goes for a good day too, do we always appreciate each 24 hours? I must say most of my days are good.

Why are they Good?

I have the freedom of working for myself. I choose my hours. Obviously sometimes I screw-up with my shopping plans by being engrossed in what I am doing, but that aside I love building my business, improving my website, learning new skills and satisfying my customers.

If working from home would be fulfilling for you, why not do what I did and begin a hobby business part-time whilst you have an income from your work. There are loads of businesses that can be set-up on-line. Google your keywords.

I favour affiliate marketing which is a simple way to begin on-line. Just introducing products to interested buyers and getting paid for it, how simple is that? There are skills to learn but it is very satisfying when you get your first orders, and no face to face selling.

For more information on affiliate marketing have a look on Amazon there are several books available including “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners” by Brian Conners, which appears to be on offer. There are also other work at home books or again you could Google keywords.

Today 387,000,000 people have typed into Google “I want to work at home on my computer”. That is a lot of work dissatisfaction considering to-day is a bank holiday and one assumes people have more interesting things on their minds!

This could be an interesting new hobby that you can develop for future freedom allowing you to follow your dream. Look out for other articles and leave me you comments or please share this article if you like it.