3,460,000,000 People Want to Work at Home!

3,460,000,000 People Want to Work at Home!

Just Googling the keyword. “I want to work at home”gave this huge result of the current work dissatisfaction.

In a Microsoft white-paper the following advantages for working at home were given: More family time and work home balance; no more long commutes with fuel and time saved. Also queues and traffic were avoided and it was more environmentally friendly. Working conditions were less stressful and quieter allowing more productivity. These were the main advantages listed.

How would working at home help you? It it something that appeals to you, or have you even considered it? Maybe it would help with childcare in the long school holidays.

I would add, on a personal level, if you can find work you are really interested in that comfortably pays the bills, the stress levels are reduced probably 50%. I love working at home and always have enjoyed the calm peaceful environment and the freedom it gives.

Some people might find the lack of colleagues difficult, but there are always forums and on-line groups to join.

You will need to consider what is right for you, before committing to a new way of life; weigh up the pros and cons as you see them and consider your personality.

However if you continue working initially and build an online business in your spare-time, alongside your current work, it will give you the opportunity to adjust, or to consider whether to continue part-time and retain your job or whether to eventually say good-bye to your boss and work mates.

Take time to research the possibilities on-line and decide what you are passionate about and would want to spend time learning more about. There are many ways you could work at home on-line, depending on your interests and temperament. Spend time investigating the whole arena.

If however you are looking for a simple starting point on-line that can be developed later in many ways; consider affiliate marketing as eventually this can lead into creating your own products, training others, lecturing, or just staying with affiliate products. An advantage to some, selling wouldn’t be face to face, but as part of your marketing plan.

Affiliate marketing is a simple method of introducing customers to other people’s products and getting paid for doing it. Just being the introducer with none of the business hassles.

Whatever you choose It can be a great way of life with unbelievable freedom, but first you have to streamline your business and have it running smoothly and making a good profit, so I would definitely suggest beginning as a part-time hobby business and growing it at your leisure whilst you learn the new skills needed.

Here are a couple of little books that will help to inspire confidence in whatever you choose to do: “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy a favorite book of mine and “The Truth About Success and Motivation” By Robert Montgomery, I have read it so many times the pages are yellowed and it’s a bit worse for wear, but hopefully it’s still in print for you to read, or maybe in your library.