3 Powerful Techniques To Build Your Sozo Business

How would you like to learn explosive techniques to build your SOZO business using the Internet? Would you like to know how to generate endless leads? Are you frustrated with beating up your friends, passing out business cards, trying to get people on 3 way calls? Read on friend. You will learn my top three lead producing strategies.

#1. Social Sites
These popular sites are a marketers dream. Where else can you meet and socialize with thousands of people instantly? These sites have brought me tons of leads into my business and they can bring you tons of leads to your SOZO business.

Now there are proper protocols when marketing on social sites. Most new marketers will begin by pushing their SOZO business to every new contact they make. This is the wrong approach. People don’t care about your SOZO business. So don’t blast it to all your contacts. You will need to establish a relationship with people first, then you can show them your SOZO business. When the time is right.

#2 Article Marketing:
One of the most powerful techniques is article marketing, it will bring hoards of leads for a long time. You will find that article marketing will take some time at first but is quite rewarding with results. Article marketing will give your SOZO business a huge amount of leads and will do it for a long time, because your article will stay on the web for years. To achieve massive results you will need to use some little know secret methods.

You must be consistent in your efforts to get results for your SOZO business. You don’t have to be a master writer for this to work. As long as you are passionate about your material, people will pick up on it. Now write an article, keep it around 500 to 700 words, and broadcast it to all the article sites. I use a software program called Automatic Article Submitter to help me submit my articles. It is the best software that I have found.

#3 Video Marketing
Video marketing is one of the fastest ways to generate traffic to your SOZO business. All you need is a web cam. Shoot a video of yourself talking about the article you just penned, link it to your article and blast it all over the Internet.

Google loves videos. Videos keep their ranking for a long time. Make sure your links all point back to your original content. I use Youtube to host my videos because it is free.

#3 Blog
All your SOZO marketing efforts should always point back to your blog. Your article should be posted on your blog. Your blog will help you become more credible. This is where all your original content will be displayed. Make sure that all your marketing efforts direct people back to your blog.

You have just read an overview of three very powerful lead generating techniques to build your SOZO business. . The best part of these strategies is they will cost you nothing to put into practice.